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"Belaruskaja Krynitsa" …

       Springs… As this word are well-known. Once they flew on all our ground, swilled in heat sun burnt roadside scythe men on hay makings, shepherds on a pasture, from them took water for domestic needs. They did not dry up neither during a summer drought, nor in a winter icy cold when the frost held down all around. Because, a mother - the ground swilled them. But then came melioratories, and did not become of springs. The grounds melioratories, they asserted, that improve the nature, and actually ruined it. Also have ruined.
       But are also others springs. Springs of our spirituality, consciousness, morals, comprehension of the origin, a reality to the fatherly ground, the national validity. And here came with ruthless ideological plough melioratories - melioratories of souls human, melioratories of our historical memory, our culture, language, traditions. They competed among themselves what more to destroy relics, the belarussian schools, to alter history on the appetite, to impose the pseudo-culture, to replace noble bases of human, national morals with platitude, brutality, a devastation of souls. And here melioratories of spirituality, as well as melioratories of the grounds, much that have reached.
       Today there was a hard problem - to revive lost for decades of spiritual land improvement. Hard - as to revive, build much more hardly than to destroy. Besides even at strong counteraction corresponding, authority of having forces, and after many decades of pipe dream of people. But there is no eternal winter, there is no eternal night. Above ours ground the spring, spring of hopes and insuperable aspiration to the best share of native edge, wakes up. And night, not wishing that, is compelled to recede under an impact of light. Restoration of everything that revival of is lost, that ancestors for us have created during many centuries. Construction of an independent political, economic and cultural life of the belarussian state. Its connection to world commonwealth of independent free peoples as equal with equal, free with free - it is demanded with our time, our future. Independent democratic Belarus is the purpose of activity and the newspaper "Belaruskaja Krynitsa" which under an iron dam of the melioratories of spirituality not is animated a lot of time.
       Its first number under name "Krynitsa" has left in Petrograd on October, 8 (21) 1917 - during rough events in the Russian power, this dark prison of peoples, for gates of which belarussian people was also. In 1918 the third number of the newspaper has left in Minsk. And since September, 7, 1919 it began to be issued in Vilnius and since 1925 under the name "Belaruskaja Krynitsa". On its pages activity of the Belarussian Christian Democracy, a life of belarussian people in conditions of Poland of that time, struggle of belarussian people for the best share for the rights, was shined. Materials of the newspaper did not like the Polish authorities and consequently many numbers of the newspaper left with white blemishes. 58 numbers of the newspaper have been confiscated; many times authorities stopped its output. On July, 12, 1940 at that time already Lithuanian Soviet authority has forbidden the edition of the newspaper. On 768 numbers it has stopped the existence. But in half-centuries in February 1991 from 769 numbers "Belaruskaja Krynitsa" it has been restored and left in Minsk till 1997. This time it has been closed by already belarussian authority. With May, 2006 "Belaruskaja Krynitsa" begins the existence in an electronic kind and will use the Belarussian, Russian and English languages. And all of us, members of edition and readers, speak it: good luck "Belaruskaja Krynitsa" to work on revival of our Fatherland!

Alena Golub - the editor-in-chief (, Ales Grusha, Mikola Maksimovich, Liza Begun, Katerina Volk,
Peter Silko - director and the founder (, Mihas Skrypka, Pavel Hodos, Irina Pavlina, Ianina Shelest,
Sonja Tsvirko - the technical editor, Ales Shipulja - the manager of site (
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verses and other small literary works, can address:
In writing to the address: 220065, Minsk - 65, Avakian Street, 38 - 59. By phone / fax: (017) 220 - 67 - 56. On the electronic address:,
Authors of articles are responsible for reliability of the facts, citations, numbers, dates, own names, place names and other information which is stated in materials. Edition can place materials on a site, not dividing the point of view of authors. Edition does not pay fees for the materials placed on a site, the sent manuscripts does not review and does not return them back to authors.
On the questions connected to the decision of various social problems, can address in the Belarussian public organization of social development and co-operation (BPOSDC).
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¹26, JUNE, 2008                                          POLITICAL, CIVIL AND LITERARY NEWSPAPER IS ISSUED SINCE OCTOBER, 8 (21), 1917. RESTORED AND RENEWED  IN 1991                                                  ¹26, JUNE, 2008
Attention, competition!

       Edition of the Internet-newspaper Belaruskaja Krynitsa (IBK) and the Belarusian public organization of social development and cooperation (BPOSDC) with assistance of debatable club "Europe - XXI century" declare about carrying out of annual competition "Gold feather of the IBK".
       Authors of original, not published earlier, articles, placed in IBK till November, 25, 2008 in Russian or Belarusian language in sections Culture, Policy, Economy and Society can participate in competition. Volume of articles is no more than 3 pages of the printed text (the size of font Arial -12). Representation of a variant of article in Russian is obligatory.
       The quantity of articles of one author participating in competition is not limited. Articles with collective authorship can be placed on site of the IBK, but to participation in competition are not supposed. Articles of jury's members participate in competition cannot.
       Results of competition will be brought by jury on the basis of the responses received till January, 6, 2009. The responses sent after January, 6, will not be taken into account. Winners of competition (1-6 places) will be awarded with costly presents and diplomas.
For participation in competition it is necessary to send on the electronic address: the article with the filled application under the following form:

Organizing committee of competition
"Gold feather of the IBK ".
                                       THE APPLICATION (*)
I ask to include me in number of participants of competition "Gold feather of the IBK ".
With this purpose I apply for accommodation in IBK, not published earlier, article:
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My full home address: ________________________________________________________
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Mine E-mail: ___________________
(*) the Organizing committee of competition warns, that it reserves the right to itself to reject the request of the applicant without motivation of the accepted decision.

To attention of readers!
       Edition of the Internet-newspaper Belaruskaja Krynitsa (IBK), the Belarusian public organization of social development and cooperation (BPOSDC) and debatable club "Europe - XXI century" carry out annual competition "Gold feather of the IBK" among authors of the original articles, placed in IBK in sections Culture, Policy, Economy and the Society.
       This year all competitive articles (are marked by a word Competition) will be placed in the Internet-newspaper, in process of receipt in edition, till December, 25, 2007. All responses received up to January, 7, 2008 on these articles will be considered by jury of competition and till January, 14, 2008 results will be brought. Results of the carried out competition "Gold feather of the IBK-2007" will be submitted in IBK.
       The most active readers of the IBK (the winner and 1-3 places), the sent responses on competitive articles, will be marked by jury of competition and awarded with costly presents and diplomas. Besides to the most active reader, the winner will be given the rank "Gold reader of the IBK-2007".
       Responses on competitive articles are necessary for sending on the electronic address with the indication of the name and the author of article under the following form:

I, _______________________________.
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My full home address: ____________________________
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E-mail: _____________.
I inform the rating estimation placed in IBK, ¹ _____,
article _______________________________________,
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The author-------------------------------------------------.
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My estimation on five-point system ___.
       (To grade from 1,2,3,4 and 5)
My remarks: ___________________________________.
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My offers: ________________________________.
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Besides I (do not) agree to become the regular expert or
the reviewer of the Internet-newspaper Belaruskaja Krynitsa.

Good luck
"Belaruskaja Krynitsa"...
To attention of readers!
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