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And a ball that in fact round!
Dmitry KACHURA (Belarus, Minsk) Competition

       Dear edition of the Internet-newspaper Belaruskaja Krynitsa constantly I read your newspaper. But in the IBK it is a little written about sports in general and in particular about football. I remember, for all time of release of the IBK there was only one article about football. It seems to me that for such solid newspaper as the IBK, am inexcusable to not consecrate a sports theme. I am ready to write constantly to the newspaper the articles about sports and, especially, about hockey and football. Heard, that Peter Silko - too the inveterate fan of these kinds of sports. Then, especially in your newspaper there should be a separate sports section. I send you the review about the past championship of Europe on football as I feel, that you write nothing about it. I shall be very glad, if you include my article in competition.
       So, the championship of Europe of 2008 on football has already gone down to history. And without it became somehow sad on soul at many amateurs of sports. But after closing the championship of Europe has already passed some time, and we gradually start to enter into a condition of painful expectation of the most important sports event of year - Olympic Games in Peking. Therefore it is meaningful to remind once again to amateurs of football of the basic stages and events of Euro-2008 and to make more intelligent analysis of its basic results. The championship of Europe on football of 2008 passed from June, 7 till June, 29 in Switzerland and in Austria, and was 13-th draw among the European combined teams. 52 combined teams which have been broken into 7 groups participated in selection tournament of Euro-2008. Selection tournament has started on August, 16, 2006 and has come to the end on November, 21, 2007. On results of selection tournament the right to play a final part of the European championship was received with 14 combined teams. It was combined teams of Germany, Czechia, Portugal, Turkey, Croatia, Poland, Holland, Italy, France, Romania, Spain, Greece, Sweden and Russia. They have joined combined teams of Austria and Switzerland which have automatically received the right to play final tournament as owners of championship. The Euro-2008 was the second tournament which owners were two countries. First such tournament of 2000 which passed in Holland and Belgium was. Games of the championship of Euro-2008 passed in eight cities. Happy owners of an opportunity of carrying out matches of Euro-2008 had four cities of Austria (the city of Vienna - stadium Ernest Happel, Salzburg - the Waltz - Zitsenhaim, Innsbruck – Tivoli-Noj and Klagenfurt - Verterzee stadium), and four cities of Switzerland (Basel - Sankt-Jacob Park, Zurich - Lettsigrund, Geneva - Herds-äå-Genev, Bern - Herds-äå-Suiss Vankdorf).
       Prior to the beginning of final tournament by the basic favorites of championship were considered teams of Italy, France, Germany and Holland. All participants of a final part of championship have been broken into four groups on four teams. It is group A - Portugal, Turkey, Switzerland and Czechia; group B - Croatia, Germany, Austria and Poland; group C - Holland, Italy, Romania and France; and group D - Spain, Russia, Sweden and Greece. By results of the lead group tournaments the teams of Portugal, Turkey, Croatia, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain and Russia have left in quarterfinals. I shall remind results quarterfinal and semifinal games, and also result of the ending. The first quarterfinal passed on June, 19, Germany - Portugal 3:2. The second quarterfinal passed on June, 20, Turkey - Croatia 1:1 (on a foul shot 3:1). The third quarterfinal passed on June, 21, Russia - Holland 3:1. And the fourth quarterfinal passed on June, 22, Spain - Italy 0:0 (on a foul shot 4:2). The first semifinal passed on June, 25, Germany - Turkey 3:2. The second semifinal passed on June, 26, Spain - Russia 3:0. And the ending passed on June, 29, Spain - Germany 1:0.
       Thus, the champion of Europe became a team of Spain which during tournament showed stable, high level game. I shall result statements of trainers of the teams participating in final game of Euro-2008. The main trainer of modular Spain Luis Aragones has commented on an outcome of a final against Germany as follows: «We have collected group of players which is healthy plays, able to hold a ball and to play a pass. They are difficult for stopping. We work all together - those who plays more, and those who plays slightly less. Together we also have achieved such success. It is happy day for Spain. We have won tournament in brilliant style and very much with it are pleased. Now we can speak that to us on forces to win the big European trophies. For many this combined team became an example of how it is necessary to play football. I think, everyone who loves football, want that the team played combinational style, aspired to penal the contender and hammered in goals. Right at the beginning I have told, that if we shall correctly operate this structure we become champions. Then all have thought of combined team that I try to encourage them. I hope, that Spain will continue in the same spirit and still more many trophies». And the trainer of modular Germany Joachim the Lion has told: «I would like to congratulate combined team of Spain and its trainer. We should recognize a high class of their players. They played well during tournament, and today have shown excellent technique and we have created more moments, than. They have deserved a victory. We, in turn, are disappointed; however as a whole I am satisfied with this tournament. For those 45 days, that we have lead together, the team has proved very well. We have received a lot of pleasure and enjoyed process, however we had also ambitions. This defeat will force us to work even more actively in the nearest couple of years in some areas. We should add in a selection stage to reach the purpose and to get on the world championship».
       After the ending of the championship technical advice of UEFA has published structure of symbolical combined team of the championship of Europe in which 23 football players have come.
       The symbolical combined team of Euro-2008 looks as follows. Goalkeepers: Janluiji Buffon (Italy), Iker Kasiljans (Spain), Advin van der Sar (Holland). Defenders: Zhoze Bosingva (Portugal), Phillip Lam (Germany), Carlos Marchena (Spain), Pepe (Portugal), Carles Pujol (Spain), Jury Zhirkov (Russia). Halfbacks: Hamite Altyntop (Turkey), Luka Modrich (Croatia), Markos Senna (Spain), Havi Ernandes (Spain), Constantine Zyryanov (Russia), Michael Ballak (Germany), Sesk Fabregas (Spain), Andres Injesta (Spain), Lukas Podolsky (Germany), Uasli Snejder (Holland). Attacking: Andrey Arshavin (Russia), Roman Pavljuchenko (Russia), Fernando Torres (Spain), and David Vijja (Spain). The best player of Euro-2008 the 28-years halfback of modular Spain Havi Ernandes who has taken part in five games of tournament is named and has hammered in one goal. The basic results of Euro-2008 are those. Apparently by results of the basic forecast about the winner of the championship has not proved to be true. But a ball is in fact round! Who owns it better that and wins! Up to new meetings in the Internet, dear readers of the Internet-newspaper Belaruskaja Krynitsa!
Guus, you are sly goose!

       To me as the ardent amateur of football, would be guilty to not respond to so significant event in a sports life of Europe as the football championship of 2008. If to tell the truth, then all matches which were broadcast on TV to look it was not possible. But that I have managed to see, has given enough information to share impressions and to draw the certain conclusions. Unfortunately, the combined team of Belarus has failed to make the way in a final stage of the championship of Europe. But there stronger team, modular Ukraine for which I too am ill recently has not got also. So all my attention in the championship of Euro - 2008 has been chained to game of modular Russia which all has simply carried in selection games, and it, finally, became the participant of a final stage of the European tournament. I shall tell frankly, I to a great extent watched not game of a team, and behind activity of its senior trainer. For the first time in a history of the Russian football foreign expert Guus Hiddink, the person very known in the football world is engaged in preparation of modular Russia. But, in general, not looking even that many of foreign trainers are authoritative enough and deserved experts, I not the supporter of the invitation to their work in national combined teams, both in football, and in hockey. I shall not prove such opinion in present article, and I shall leave it for other conversation with you, dear readers of the Internet-newspaper Belaruskaja Krynitsa. The result of Euro - 2008 for modular Russia has surpassed all my expectations. And I think that all amateurs of football have the right to know about Guus Hiddink much more, than only that he is the Netherlands trainer. So I bring to your attention the brief biography of it, in my opinion, the outstanding trainer. Guus Hiddink was born on November, 8, 1946 in Holland. In 1967 began professional career of the football player (played the halfback) from club De Graafschap, a team of the first battalion. In 1970 has passed to team PSV from which one year later has returned again to club De Graafschap. In 1976 has left in the USA where he played for clubs Washington Diplomats and San Jose Earthquakes. Has returned to Holland in 1977 and three seasons has lead in team Nijmegen. He has finished career of the player in 1981 in club De Graafschap in which has remained to work as the trainer. In 1984 has been appointed by the assistant to the trainer of club PSV, and after two seasons became the main trainer of this club. In 1986-1990 under his management club PSV four times became the champion of Holland and three times - the owner of the Cup of the country successively. And in 1988 PSV became also the winner of draw of the Cup of the European champions. In 1990 Guus Hiddink has headed Turkish club Fenerbahce, and in 1991 - Spanish team Valencia which trained two with superfluous a season. In 1995 Guus Hiddink has been appointed to the post of the main trainer of modular Holland which has deduced in 1/4 endings of the championship of Europe of 1996, and then - in 1/2 endings of the world championship of 1998. In 1998 Hiddink trained Madrid Real, whence in February, 1999 has been dismissed for unsatisfactory results in the championship of Spain and for critical statements concerning a financial condition of club. I think that it was the hasty decision of a management of the Spanish club. In 2001 Guus Hiddink was the main trainer of modular South Korea which has deduced in 1/2 endings of the world championship. This is best achievement of the Asian team for all histories of football. In 2002 Hiddink has returned in Holland in PSV with which in 2005 has made a gold double in Holland, and also has finished this team up to 1/2 endings of League of champions. In 2005 Guus Hiddink in combination worked from modular Australia which for the first time for last 32 years has reached the final of the world championship, having won in butt match for a team of Uruguay. Twice (in 2002 and in 2006) Guus named the best trainer of Holland. In April, 2006 Guus Hiddink has signed the four-year-old contract from modular Russia. Term of his action will expire after world championship of 2010. Guus Hiddink is married, has two children (Michael, 1969 of a birth, and Mark, 1972 of a birth). Guus freely knows English, German, French and the Spanish language. He hardly expresses in Italian and Portuguese, possesses base knowledge of the Korean and Japanese language, and now studies Russian. In my opinion, this information about Guus it will be obvious not full if I shall not add as call him in the environment of amateurs of football. And they call him with the big love and differently: And the lucky Dutch, and the Guus -lucky beggar, and wizard Guus and Guus almighty. Such is Guus Hiddink, the present instructor of modular Russia on football. The true gold goose for modular Russia to touch up to which (and it brought happiness and riches) many fantastic characters of national folklore of some West-European peoples aspired. Not without reason after the championship of Europe the Dutch have wanted, that Guus Hiddink again became the trainer of modular Holland. Now I tell about the game of teams of participants of the championship. I shall tell frankly though I always and speak, with shine and football grace I and have not seen the present game. Spaniards, certainly, looked better and is quite deserved have won. But they have won only because others were weaker. The best game which I saw, I think, that it was game Russia - Holland. In some time intervals Russians showed the true flashing football, which so to like fans. But on all game by it obviously there are no forces. But already that I have seen in this game, installs the big optimism in the future of the Russian combined team. Pah! Pah! I do not want to bewitch. If at Hiddink affairs so will go and is farther, in the ending of the world championship of 2010 in stadium Soker of City in Johannesburg (republic of South Africa) we shall necessarily see combined team of Russia. But it is necessary to work for this purpose very well, as well as to the senior trainer, and football players. As I know, Guus from the noble dream to prepare world champions will not recede. He, as speak in people, has already rolled up sleeves and right after the endings of Euro-2008 was accepted to work. And in the Russian football of work it is a lot of! Also it would be desirable to wish this simply fanatically to devoted football to the person of successes in such hard work! And on behalf of all readers of the Internet-newspaper Belaruskaja Krynitsa I wish personally to Guus Hiddink strong Siberian health and Happiness!
Peter Silko answers your letters

       Dear readers of the Internet-newspaper Belaruskaja Krynitsa already began tradition every year in June number to place answers to your letters. This year Peter Silko answers your questions. He for the current year has received the greatest quantity of letters.
       A.G. Pyotr Petrovich, I have spread out the printed out electronic letters of readers on three separate folders and beforehand have transferred you. In the first folder the questions are concerning mass-media, publications and competitions of the IBK, in the second - the questions are touching various aspects of activity of public associations, and in particular, BPOSDC, in the third folder all questions are concerning personally to you. We shall start with which letters?
       P.S. I have familiarized with all letters, and I think, that in the same order as you have named, and it is necessary to answer the set questions. But as I, certainly, cannot answer each question, I have preliminary united all faithful questions in lexical sets. Therefore I shall already answer not each separately taken question, and at once on group of questions. The first group of questions has such general character and concerns a state of affairs in mass-media and increase of their role in the Belarus society. Readers complain, that modern mass-media except for service of authority as it was during Soviet times, steel also a nursery of lack of culture and immorality. «And during Soviet times in fact such was not», - readers mark. Well, what I can tell about modern mass-media? The second year successively readers ask similar questions. And the quantity of letters on this theme for last year has increased almost three times. It speaks that position from mass-media in the country all becomes worse and worse, naturally causing alarm at readers. I shall name briefly those kinds of mass-media which were generated at us for last fifteen years. It first of all the most numerous, so-called, state mass-media which as readers speak, serve authority and are directly or indirectly on the grant at the state. About what they write and as they write, all perfectly know. The second, too significant on volume, it is only commercial mass-media which have turned in essence in a yellow press. Most likely, it is necessary to name these mass-media means of mass corruption, instead of the information. And, at last, it is, so-called, pseudo-oppositional mass-media. They to receive financial streams, basically, only declare the opposition to existing authority, and in essence, in most cases, are only commercial private editions. I want to note once again, that oppositional mass-media now in Belarus are not present. Such newspapers as once were "Naviny" of the BPF or "Belaruskaja Krynitsa" (publication of the BCDU), in Belarus already for a long time are not present. And as to the Internet-newspaper Belaruskaja Krynitsa (IBK), this independent, unique, noncommercial electronic edition which is issued only due to sponsor's donations and due to enthusiasm patriotically - adjusted editions. To change adverse position from mass-media, the will of authorities is necessary. The executive authority, certainly, is interested in preservation of such position. And the legislature on behalf of puppet parliament itself without a corresponding command decides nothing. So in this case it is necessary to hope only on it. Therefore I address to you with the request to not support the financial assets a yellow press and to boycott pornographic editions. Having lost readers, they will disappear. The second group of questions concerns the IBK, its competitions. One group of readers in the current year began to ask constantly questions of type, whether competition «Gold Feather of the IBK» is necessary in general, and are afraid, that the winner can become the citizen from other country. Others - in the letters ask, why the winner in 2007 has not been revealed, and there and then answer, that the jury "has not given" the first place of that the winner should become the citizen not from Belarus. I to you shall tell, my dear readers, do not torment myself different conjectures. Who would not be the winner of competition; it will be the worthy winner. Also it will be not important the citizen of what country it is. And in 2007 the first place has not been awarded that winners of competition, in opinion of jury, still have not reached a required level. Many readers already ask, what will be with competition in 2009? What for you will think beforehand? We shall live, we shall see. The third group of questions too is connected with the IBK, but already to its modernization and improvement. I shall not list everything that is offered by readers and I shall tell only one. Dear readers, all your offers and critical remarks we shall necessarily take into account. We are as anybody, are interested in improvement of our newspaper. The fourth group of questions mentions extensive enough and important theme about a role of public associations in a modern society. Readers are interested, why we practically at all do not write about activity of political parties and if we shall write only we criticize. In connection with it, I want to ask a counter question. And about what activity of political parties it is possible to write? Only one petty intrigue in an empty barn around of a grain kernel …. For the present it is not visible the activity of parties, which is useful to a society. All heads of parties and public organizations in fact know that there is such Internet-newspaper Belaruskaja Krynitsa. It seems, that else is necessary - write to the newspaper, address to readers, to the supporters. We practically publish all articles sent in edition. No, are silent. … Means there is nothing to tell. Once again I remind all public and to politicians, that we in the IBK are always ready to give to you pages of the newspaper for meaningful dialogue with readers. And as to activity of the Belarusian public organization of social development and cooperation that it works. Also it works not too badly. About its activity it was already written in the IBK. The fifth group of questions concerns personally me, my public and political activity, my work as the expert in the field of atomic engineering. Certainly it is a lot of questions - on all also you will not answer. You, my dear readers, on many questions from this group receive answers in my interviews in article of Virginia Hmeljauskajte which are published in same number of the IBK. And about huge interest to my person as many readers and some electronic news media some exaggeration here is observed write. As I know, surname Silko became a surname of 2007 on the conclusion of a Runet. That is, in other words, on surname Silko in Google the greatest quantity of inquiries for all 2007 has been made. And it is only. I thank to all readers sent to me of the letter with congratulations happy birthday, with gratitude for release of the IBK. I wish all of you of a sound health and well-being! Thanks for trust all that who has written to me about the pleasures and problems. I wish you that in your life of pleasures was more and problems was less!
       A.G. Pyotr Petrovich thanks you for answers. Up to new meetings in the Internet, dear readers!
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