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       All articles of the section are devoted to winners of the international festival «Millennium - 2000» in a genre of variety songs. Katerina Volk in next article «Awakening of Julian» tells about creativity of the young but already enough the known Russian singer. The article «Anne Veski is behind abrupt turn» of Irina Pavlina is devoted to other winner of this festival, one of the most popular singers of left century. In the article «Star which will not go out» Liza Begun tells about remarkable Georgian singer Tamara Gverdtsiteli.
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Star which will not go out

       As it is good to write about those people which not only you respect, and which else are also your idols. When I the first time have heard Tamara Gverdtsiteli, I was win by her unique fine voice. And it remained for ever. Her any performance brings to me pleasure, and not only me. By results of the sociological interrogations which have been carried out in Belarus in 2001-2006 within the framework of the International festival «Millennium  -2000», Tamara Gverdtsiteli became the winner of competition «Premium - 2006» among executors Russian-speaking variety songs.
       Tamara Mihajlovna was born on January, 18, 1962 in Georgia in city Tbilisi. Due to mum, Inna Vladimirovna, she early began to study in music, has acted in special musical school at the Tbilisi conservatory. Popularity to her has come in the beginning of 70-s' years when she began soloist of the children's variety ensemble "Mziuri". Then she has traveled all former Soviet Union with performances. In Georgia name Tamriko Gverdtsiteli was known to each person, her recognized in streets, and since began her star status in which she lives all life. The head of ensemble "Mziuri" B.Ivanitskaja was first teacher of Tamara. «She "put" nothing, as it is accepted to speak, and only perfected my natural essence. To her I am obliged to that variety Calvary became my trade and private life. When the teenager meets in a life of the teacher, able to make out in him this or that talent, it is his happiness», - so Tamara Mihajlovna has told in one of the interviews. From girls that sang together with Tamara in ensemble "Mziuri", almost nobody became the musician. It would be incorrect to speak, that supposedly Tamara was the most talented and consequently became a star. It is simply known, that only one talent is anything, and talent and work - all this. And to work, bring to the skill of perfection is Tamara's elements. Other business, that for her to sing is means what to live. She always sings, not only on a stage, in studio or on rehearsal, but even when salad any cuts or has simply a rest. After school she has acted in the Tbilisi conservatory and has successfully ended it on a class of a piano and a composition, and also has ended special college on a vocal.
       In 19 years Tamara Gverdtsiteli began to win the world. A star debut became her victory over the international competition "Red carnation" in Sochi. Then - participation in competition of pop in Dresden in 1982, a victory over Sofia at competition "Gold Orpheus" in 1988, performances at festivals in Sopot in 1989 and San Remo in 1990.
           In 1991 Gverdtsiteli it has been invited to Paris where has got acquainted with Michel Legran and Jean Drezhak. Then the contract with Michel Legran has been made and their first joint concert has taken place. In 1994 the singer has acted with a solo concert in the Parisian hall "Olympia". In 1995 Tamara Gverdtsiteli's concerts have taken place in New York "Karnegi-hall" in which have taken part Legran and Alexey Kozlov's ensemble "Arsenal". In April, 1996 Tamara Gverdtsiteli and Michel Legran's performance has taken place in New York "Assembly - hall".
           Tamara Gverdtsiteli has let out solo albums "Vivat, king!" (in 1994), "Glow of love" (in 1996), "Thanks, music to you!" (in 1996), "Stars which do not die away" (in 2000).
           To speak and write about Tamara Gverdtsiteli only as about the outstanding singer, it would be simply inexcusable. Tamara is very beautiful and charming woman. And in her life was both wedding and family happiness. When Tamara married the main director of studio of drama programs of the Georgian TV on their wedding was even Margaret Thatcher. To tell the truth, she was on wedding not because Tamara already so well knew in England that is why what exactly during their registration has brought Thatcher to show the best in Tbilisi the registry office. There is at Tamara the most important in a life the man; he is son Alexander (Sandro). Certainly, Tamara is the Georgian woman. But, probably, she is not typical. And when across Tbilisi, under Rustaveli Avenue, there were tanks, she has taken away mum and the son and has sent them far away, far away from war - to New York.
       It can seem strange, but in Georgia not all understood her. The some people even considered, that Tamara has thrown the Native land - when her destiny, career, success called her in other countries and capitals, in the most well-known halls of the world. In this occasion once in one of teleprograms Nani Bregvadze has told about Tamara: «She has thrown all and has left from here, I so could not... - and, having thought, has added. - But I understand her, she is possessed by music». Tamara Gverdtsiteli - the recognized, outstanding singer living separately from all world of show business. She - not the singer simply singing for huge fees, she of simply other breed is too aristocratical to be in this grey indiscernible general stream. At her too thin taste to sing simply popular primitive music. But truly the present national hit became her song "Vivat, king!", which and to this day at once arises in memory as reaction to surname Gverdtsiteli.
       Today performances of the National actress of Georgia and Russia Tamara Gverdtsiteli pass worldwide. She executes songs in seven languages: Georgian, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, English and Hebrew. The timbre, beauty and force of a voice, the high vocal skill, a bribing manner of dialogue with a hall, virtuosity and aristocratism, fine appearance and graceful plastic - that wins hearts of spectators and Tamara Gverdtsiteli's admirers. And I shall take on myself boldness on behalf of all readers of the Internet-newspaper Belaruskaja Krynitsa to declare, that Tamara Gverdtsiteli's star in a variety sky will not go out never …. The national love to her, to her talent is infinite and boundless!
Up to new meetings in the Internet, dear readers of the IBK!
Awakening of Julian
Katerina VOLK

       For years of the work in the Internet-newspaper Belaruskaja Krynitsa I most from edition wrote about winners of competition «Premium - 2006» among executors Russian-speaking variety the songs, carried out in Belarus in 2001-2006 within the framework of the International festival «Millennium-2000». It brought to me pleasure and pleasure. Always it was pleasant to plunge in the beginning into the world fine songs, and then on one breathe to write kind words about their executors. It was pleasant subsequently to receive the letter from you, dear readers of the IBK, with words of gratitude in the address not less. You always responded to my articles on a musical theme and frequently asked a question and when I shall write article about the winner of competition «Premium - 2006» singer Julian? I and frequently asked myself this question, and when? And, at last, I bring to your attention article about this remarkable and not ordinary singer.
       Julian (Vasin Julian Viktorovich) was born on August, 15, 1973 in the situated near Moscow city Kolomna. Mum of the future singer worked as the teacher of musical school, and the daddy - the engineer of aircraft. From 4 years small Julian the beginnings seriously to be engaged in music, to sing and compose songs. School Julian has finished without attending lectures (in 8 class has passed all examinations for the staying 2 years) and has gone to Moscow to act in GITIS (nowadays the Russian Academy of the Theatrical art). For Julian have made exception and have accepted him in numbers of students in so still small age. Julian already to 20 years has carried out in 1993 the first solo concert in the Variety theatre. And the same year he has prepared one more new program from which has left for the first time on stage concert hall "Russia". From this year annual concerts of Julian in a concert hall "Russia" became kind tradition. The destiny presents to Julian surprises and bright unforgettable meetings. In 1994 to Russia there comes queen of England Elizabeth II. Julian was invited in the hall of St. George of the Kremlin (the unique crooner) to reception and a concert in honour of queen. Since 1994 Julian is a member of board of the International Union of figures of Variety Art. In 1995 Julian it is appointed by the official executor of the Hymn of Moscow. In 1996 the singer creates own Theatre songs. In 1999 Julian marks 10-years anniversary of creative activity, and by the Decree of the President of Russia to him appropriates a rank «Honored artist of Russia». It was the first case in a history of the Soviet and Russian platform when such honorary title has been appropriated to the singer to whom 26 years were executed. In 2000 in concert hall "Russia" Julian carries out anniversary concerts, summing up to ten years' work on a platform. The same year the actor makes a decision to take a time-out for preparation of a new creative stage. For this time the private world of the singer varies, there is a reassessment of values. In a voice of the actor there are new paints, in music the new stylistics are planned. Julian is fond of yoga and meditation. He propagandizes a healthy way of life, becomes the vegetarian. On February, 26 and 27, 2002 Julian "Russia" represents the new program "Awakening" in concert hall "Russia". These concerts have passed with tremendous success; tickets on representation have been sold for some weeks up to prime-ministers. For years of creative activity Julian released 7 compact discs and 1 vinylic plate. In April, 2003 the album of the singer "Awakening" has left. On this disk are 19 songs. A new life is a new stage. 2003 is year of Julian, to him is executed 30 years. On December, 12 this year in concert hall "Russia" the anniversary concert of the actor has taken place. The sea of colors, an applause of spectators, and the best and favorite songs of different years sounded this evening from a stage... Ahead - grandiose plans, projects, surprises. Julian likes to surprise the spectators; his name does not give rest to journalists and envious persons, but calculate a secret of success of the singer of criticism cannot. Julian recently frequently repeats same a mysterious phrase: «I only start to sing!». Really, we up to the end do not know this remarkable singer. And Julian is very serious phenomenon on our platform. Voice of Julian can be compared to a voice of mythical Orpheus, so it is transparent and pure, and the singer - perfection literally words: the favorite of public and a handsome man. The fate constantly smiles to him, giving all new and new pulses for creativity and lives. «Awakening» is only one creative coil in brilliant career of the actor, an epigraph to the whole series of concerts on boundless open spaces of Russia, symbolically incorporated in global round on cities which and is named - "Awakening". On this disk - 19 songs of known authors with which Julian cooperates long years: Aleksandra Pahmutova, Nikolay Dobronravov, Karina Fillipova, Michael Tanich, Katia Semjonova, Vyacheslav Malezhik, Eugeny Zagot. I shall notice, as itself Julian in youthful years wrote music to a vocal cycle on verses of his favourite poet - Marina Tsvetaeva. One of compositions «Day will come» is included by the singer and the composer in an album "Awakening". It is necessary to note video work of Julian on a song «I read you» (music and E.Zagot's words). A clip «I read you» has turned out unique: Julian, as the hero of our time, and behind his back - force, power and beauty of the Russian state with its patriotic symbolics, the Kremlin - heart of Russia and the Temple of the Christ - savior - a symbol of a spiritual unification of the Russian nation. Spontaneously together with this clip there was a declaring new aesthetic value of young generation of actors of a modern platform, for which future. Undoubtedly, Julian as the person is in vanguard of this generation absorbing and propagandizing the best traditions of the Russian culture. In fact not without reason many years near to Julian a hand about a hand went and there are his senior friends and instructors: Alexandra Pahmutova, Nikolay Dobronravov, Karina Fillipova, Nonna Mordjukova and Lyudmila Zykina.
       In summary I would like to wish the National actor of Russia, the Chechen Republic and Ingushetia, the favorite of public Julian of the further creative successes and to congratulate him on truly national recognition: with a victory over competition «Premium – 2006» of the International festival «Millennium - 2000»! By results of this competition Julian has come in ten the best executors Russian-speaking variety songs of a last millennium. All readers of the Internet-newspaper Belaruskaja Krynitsa wish you happiness and health, dear Julian Viktorovich!
Anne Veski is behind abrupt turn

       Who from modern crooners can brag of that is literally for one day became the most popular actor or as now speaks the superstar. I touch the famous names in memory and I can not choose a suitable name. And Anne Veski can brag. In 1983 after evening display on Central TV (CT) of a musical television movie "Gold of autumn" where I.Saruhanov's song "Behind of abrupt turn" in her performance for the first time has sounded, to Anne Veski became the superstar. Anne Veski was born in the city of Rapla in Estonia on February, 27, 1956. In the same place she has stopped alongside with usual school and musical school after which has arrived in the Tallinn Polytechnic institute. Being trained in institute, Anne did not overlook to visit variety studio at a philharmonic society. After the termination of training in institute Anne all has decided to remain to work in variety studio where began to act with ensemble "Mobile". At this time her first records on radio and transfers on republican TV have appeared. The ensemble "Mobile" intensively went on tour across all former USSR. The first performances have taken place in 1979 abroad. It was Poland. The same year Anne Veski the first time has acted on CÒ in transfer "More widely a circle". At the end of 1979 Anne has passed to ensemble "Vitamin". In 1980 the Estonian radio has awarded the singer with a symbolical gold disk. The same year has passed the first solo concert of the singer in Moscow and at once on a stage of the Moscow variety theatre. The concert has passed with the notice. The Moscow public very warmly has accepted performance of Anne Veski, and in capital press the first reviews and responses, and at once positive have appeared. In 1981 under order CÒ the musical television movie about Anne Veski "Snow tunes" which made the big success has been removed and repeatedly shown on republican TV. Anne Veski has been again awarded with a disk of republican radio and TV as the most popular variety singer of year. In 1982 Anne Veski, as the visitor of festival, has taken part in Festival Soviet songs in the city of Zielona Gura (Poland) and in the same place she was took off on the Polish TV in the musical program. The actress participated in joint transfers of the Estonian and Finnish radio and TV which passed in Finland in cities Tampere and Lahti twice. In the same year with success has passed her big tour round on cities of Finland.
           During same time Anne Veski frequently participated in music programs of the CÒ, such as "Circle is wider", "Entertainment party", "Song of year" and "New Year's attraction". In 1982 the radio- and tele-spectators of Estonia have again recognized Anne Veski as the most popular singer of year and a third year have successively awarded her with "Gold disk". 1982 became still remarkable for the singer. It has been marked by an output of a plate "Sings of Anne Veski" in All-Union firm of gramophone recording "Melody". Then two more plates with A.Veski's participation "New Year's attraction" and a minion with her songs have left also. In 1983 under order of the CÒ the second musical television movie about Anne Veski "Gold of autumn" has been taken off dawn. There she has executed a song "Behind of abrupt turn" which in the future became the card of the singer.
           Since 1979, Anne Veski constantly borrowed the first places in the hit parades spent among singers by leading newspapers, magazines and radio stations. Since a summer of 1983 the singer works with new collective "Nemo". In June and July she acts in the big international programs in Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Germany …. 1984 was very successful for the singer when she participated in the International festival variety songs in Sopot (Poland) and has received at once two first premiums. The same year Anne Veski has been awarded with a rank of the deserved actress of Estonia. In 1985 Anne has acted in Poland at festival "Sopot - 85" already as the honour guest of festival. The same year the singer participated in the cultural program at 12-th World Festival of youth and students in Moscow. By summer of 1985 the singer is removed in a joint feature film of the Soviet and Finnish TV "Mikko from Tampere asks advice" where plays one of leading roles. And autumn of same year Veski is awarded with the Silver medal of the Soviet committee of protection of the world for performances in concerts, gathering with which transferred in Fund of the World. In 1987 the singer represents the USSR at the second International festival of the sea in Mauritius where she has been awarded with the Gold medal of festival. The same year Anne participated in gala concert at festival of the Soviet popular music in Czechoslovakia "Islands - 87".
           For all years of the creative activity Anne Veski has gone round with performances almost all former Soviet Union. Specially for her such authors as M.Tanich, L.Rubalskaja, I.Saruhanov, A.Mazhukov, V.Reznikov, V.Shainsky, P.Aedonitsky, V.Matetsky, I.Korneljuk and others wrote songs.
           In her repertoire there are many smash hits: "Behind of abrupt turn", "Take me with itself", "White bouquet on a background of the sea", "Sweetheart, hotly loved", "To be pleased lives", "Island of love", "Be prolonged, happiness!", "At will of waves", "Inter-season period", "Smile on all" and "I follow you".
           After disintegration of the USSR in a creative life of the singer too there was an abrupt turn. Cultural connections between former union republics have been destroyed and Anne Veski for some time has been deprived dialogue with Russian-speaking spectators. And in the Russian platform there were significant changes. But Anne Veski has not given in to a temptation to sing in vain, and has kept the style, inherent only to her, and a manner of performance. And she has been remunerated for it the even greater love of true amateurs of songs. By the spring of 1992 in Moscow her anniversary solo concerts - "15 years on a platform" have passed with tremendous success in concert hall "Russia". In 2002 Anne Veski has been recognized as "Singer of year" and it is awarded with two gold disks for the best sales among the Estonian executors. During present time the singer frequently and successfully goes on tour in former republics USSR, and also in the USA, Israel, Canada, Germany, Egypt and other countries. Now Anne Veski as never, it is full of creative energy and a creative power - even more often in her repertoire there are new songs. And quite deservedly by results of the sociological interrogations which have been carried out in Belarus in 2001-2006 within the framework of the International festival «Millennium-2000», Anne Veski became the winner of competition «Premium - 2006» among executors Russian-speaking variety songs. I on behalf of all readers of the Internet-newspaper Belaruskaja Krynitsa congratulate the singer on such tremendous success and truly national recognition!
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