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       In article «Myths of atomic engineering» the participant of competition «Gold feather of the IBK-2008», the winner of competition «Gold feather of the IBK-2007» Virginia Hmeljauskajte states very interesting materials of the interview taken at Peter Silko, the known Belarusian expert in the field of atomic engineering. Mihas Skrypka in new article «Keep honour from the youth …» continues a theme about a huge role of moral Christian values for the further development of the Belarusian society. The participant of competition «Gold feather of the IBK-2008» Tatiana Samsonova presents to readers already third work «To loved and desired one poste restante».
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Rambler's Top100
Keep honour from the youth …

       What happened with our people? This question is set frequently by readers in the letters in edition of the IBK. The same question frequently set to me and at conversation with people on various actions which I visit on a duty of the service. Where and when the moral base of the person has cracked? In fact and so on we count the trouble which has frequently touched us, illness, accident only accident, not dependent on a moral condition of our souls. But this is deep error. And this error constantly introduced in consciousness of our people on an extent of almost century domination antihuman devilish Bolshevik ideologies. Well and now, when this ideology has failed, what prevents us to perceive correctly surrounding validity and correctly to understand essence of the life? Like and prevents nothing. Parents have the right to educate children good formation and education that those have grown highly educated, cultural, respectable and highly moral people. Whether there are for this purpose opportunities and conditions in our society?  In the affirmative to answer this question it is impossible. Yes, it is possible to become highly educated people presently. Becoming cultural people, I already have some doubts. And about respectable and highly moral people then significant problems already begin. Education of morals should begin with early age and on the basis of Christian values. In fact the Christian morals expand an outlook of the person and fill its life with that important and necessary everyday experience which helps in difficult situations to find a worthy way out. The ideal of the person close to you or the literary hero always should be present at a life of each person to spiritualize it, to support and inspire it on resistance to harm... The Point of honor wins first place in a number of moral Christian symbols. It is possible to go through disintegration of economy, it is possible to reconcile to parting or even loss of the dearest people, but with decomposition of morals any people on the ground will never be restrained. In a human society always concerned with contempt for disgraceful people. Loss of honour is falling moral foundations which inevitable punishment follows. Immorality ruins the person of the person, whole peoples have disappeared from the person of the ground because their governors have overlooked about moral norms. Frequently the way to the decision of very important and deep spiritual problems is prompted us with the classical literature. So Russian writers always addressed in the products to a problem of honour. It is possible to tell, that this problem was one of the most important in the Russian literature. As an example I shall result the story «Captain's daughter» of A.S.Pushkin. Yes that Pushkin about whom one of Russian officials responsible for culture has told, that «Pushkin is already obsolete». To all young people, readers of the IBK, I advise to read this product anew. This one of the best products of the world culture, accomplished under the form and deeply religious on spirit. If to look at «Captain's daughter» eyes of the believing person you are simply amazed as far as problems of organization of noble Christian soul are deeply covered in it! And Pushkin has not casually taken Russian national proverb for an epigraph: keep honour from the youth. What is the nobleness, that such and that such chastity concerning young people, all this it is possible to study honour very deeply on this remarkable stories. Certainly, to retell of Pushkin it is impossible, it should be read simply. And I hope, that you and will make dear readers of the Internet-newspaper Belaruskaja Krynitsa! And I in summary shall result still words which coincide with a theme of this article. So apostle Peter has very correct statement: «Yes there will be your ornament not an external weaving of hair, not gold hats or elegance in clothes, and secret hearts the person in imperishable beauty of mild and silent spirit that is precious before the God». Surprisingly deep definition of beauty which is worthy both girls, and women, both wives, and mothers. Give the God to you to keep and increase this beauty! Up to new meetings in the Internet!

To loved and desired one poste restante
Tatiana SAMSONOVA (Belarus, Minsk) Competition

       After the publication of my articles in the Internet-newspaper Belaruskaja Krynitsa I have received only some letters. It is certainly very modest in comparison with other authors and edition of the IBK. But these letters are very dear to me, the beginning author. I am very grateful to edition of the IBK which has organized this competition. It has allowed me and many other people to try the forces on a literary field. And as became clear for me is not such easy employment. From sent in edition on my address of letters has especially touched me one letter, apparently, from very young girl. In this letter she has dared to share with me the most secret ideas. I thanks to you, my dear reader, for trust. I shall not speak about what this letter as I have no on that right. I shall not speak and that I have written to the answer to this girl. And I shall tell only one: I have decided to write this article, being under impression of the contents of this letter. Certainly the essence of relations between the girl and the guy, the bride and the groom, the wife and the husband, and, in general, between the woman and the man, is enough complex and ambiguous. It is necessary to give due to Virginia Hmeljauskajte, which the first in the IBK has devoted to these questions many publications and has inhaled in this problem truly Christian understanding and truly Christian approach to its decision. It has certainly excited many readers of the IBK. The second thousand already received by edition only for Virginia of letters testifies to it. I shall allow itself to show the understanding of this problem. In essence it will be, that during today's time close relations up to a marriage became as though norm for many potential grooms and brides. In religion to this phenomenon there is quite certain name - fornication. And now cleanliness of marriage relations excites a little of whom. Therefore fornication and adultery became simply epidemic. They will cripple destinies of people. In what the reason of so unfavorable condition of marriage relations in our society is? Our culture was formed by centuries under influence of Church; therefore it bears in herself the deepest layers of high Christian morals. During pre-revolutionary times Christian values were norm of a life. After October revolution of 1917, at Bolshevist occupation of Belarus, Christian values have been changed by norms of socialist pseudo-ideology which practically very few people adhered. After events of 1991, when Belarus has been declared independent, this ideology has ceased to be state. And in a society the vacuum on all questions of morals was formed. Christian values have not been restored as norm of a life in a society, and socialist norms any more do not operate. Therefore people have lost the main vital reference points. In a life of people the aspiration to comfort and pleasures became predominating. And such high qualities of soul of the person as nobleness, and chastity began to leave from our real life. And this phenomenon is promoted strenuously practically by all mass media. It is everything, without exception, both Russian, and Belarus. They, I even would tell, specially propagandize that in a normal civilized society name simply defects. Who today are stars of the Russian platform which persons constantly flicker on our television screens? They to us bear what moral and moral values? And they show what way of life to us for imitation? I shall not answer these questions. You and perfectly know answers to them, my dear readers. How to change this pernicious situation in the best side? Certainly, by one efforts of only such remarkable Internet-newspaper as Belaruskaja Krynitsa it to make it is practically impossible. Here, at least, purposeful activity in this direction of all Belarus mass media is necessary. And it is all our society as a whole. So by results of carried out by public organizations in Belarus in 2001-2006 of sociological interrogations almost all respondents annually in questionnaires allocated inspirituality, as the basic lack of development of our society. And it is not, what that a secret for power structures, which during many years and have made nothing to change a situation. And at such state of affairs authority, basically, to make anything and cannot. The national state ideology to which frameworks all should be directed state and public work and first of all education and culture is necessary for Belarus. And it needs to be made immediately. Otherwise to our fine young girls and guys, beautiful and externally and having internal beauty of the souls, all will be more difficult and more difficult to find the half-bat, narrowed. And that such young people still are in our society, speak the numerous letters coming in edition of the IBK. Up to new meetings my dear friends, readers of the Internet-newspaper Belaruskaja Krynitsa!
Myths of atomic engineering
Virginia HMELJAUSKAJTE (Lithuania, Vilnius) Competition

       Dear my readers of the Internet-newspaper Belaruskaja Krynitsa I am always glad to a new meeting with you. That huge quantity of letters which I constantly receive personally and which to me are sent with edition of the IBK, speaks that my articles do not leave you indifferent. Big to you thanks for all. I embrace All and whole. But in this article I have decided to change a theme of the conversation with you. I offer you conversation on other very serious theme. My interlocutor - the fine person, beautiful the man with which to me by will of destiny has had the luck to get acquainted and which has struck me with the purposefulness, serviceability, and the main thing the progressive civic stand. This is Peter Silko, known political and the public figure of Belarus, the founder of this remarkable newspaper, the expert in the field of atomic engineering. I have prepared interview to him for the Lithuanian mass media, but because of importance of a theme have decided to publish it and in the IBK.
       V.H. First of all, dear Pyotr, I congratulate you happy birthday, I wish a sound health and happiness in your life! I wish that all your plans were carried out and all your dreams have come true! I transfer you huge greetings from Lithuanian readers of the IBK and their sincere wishes of successes and health! Let me to hand as a token of our respect over you our gifts: this tie from my daughter, this hairpin for a tie personally from me, this cosmetic man's set from my husband and a picture album from the Lithuanian readers of the newspaper. All gifts except for an album are taken in my shop and are firm, instead of fakes. As you know, the public of Lithuania long time achieved closing the Ignalinskaja atomic power station. And when the decision on closing was accepted after a while we learn, that Belarus is going to build own atomic power station. In this connection let me to set to you how to the expert in this area, as a matter of fact one question exciting all of us, whether really the atomic power station are safe and do not bear any threat to the population of our countries?
       P.S. Dear Virga, I thanks to you that you have arrived to us, I thanks for gifts. Please, transfer the daughter and the husband mine to gratitude and the best regards. Let to present you this beautiful bouquet of white roses and to tell, that all of us in edition like and we respect you for your kindness, sincerity and disinterestedness. And as to the atomic power station I want to tell that I «not the journalist only scribbling on this theme» or «it is possible, somewhere there and worked, yes twisted only nuts» as some readers in the letters write to me. I have the direct relation to atomic engineering: has ended Belarusian state university on a speciality nuclear power installations, has protected the master's thesis on physics of nuclear reactors, long time was worked the scientific employee in Sosny in a scientific research institute, engaged in problems of atomic engineering, by the author more than 50 scientific works. So my competence on the questions connected to atomic engineering, should not cause doubts. And by the journalist I became at own will, being engaged political and public work. I also write articles not under the order and on command of the conscience as I think the debt to tell to people all about a real state of affairs in our country and in atomic engineering, in particular. About it the engaged mass-media significantly distribute various myths to calm the population and to distract attention from arising threats. I shall start under the order.
       The myth the first, that accident-free operation of the modern atomic power stations is safe for the population and an environment. I shall result some examples already proving an inconsistency of this statement. Experts know that all turned out in the atomic power station radioactive tritium (the half-life period about 12 years) is dumped for limits of station. I shall explain, that tritium (analogue of hydrogen on chemical properties) getting in subsoil waters, on «biological chains» finally, appears in food stuffs on tables at the citizens who are taking place even is far from station. It takes root at a cellular level into genetic structures of living organisms and spontaneously breaks up, turning to helium. In a result the cell in genetic structure perishes, dooming the subsequent generations of descendants of the person and populations of animals on a probable pathology. Still it is known, that the radioactive isotope krypton-85 also is not late filters of the atomic power station and constantly acts in surrounding air environment. It is not absorbed by water, not adsorbed by a ground, "easily dissolved" in air and, having a half-life period about 10 years, collects in an atmosphere. It possesses a hotbed effect and increases electroconductivity of air. Its second property essentially increases capacity of the natural phenomena and accidents (a thunder-storm, a tsunami, etc.). Krypton-85 as the chemical element is not involved in biological processes, however it is absorbed by fabrics of a body at its inhalation with air and it is well dissolved in fatty fabrics of the person and animals. Today each living organism on the Earth with each breath of air in easy enters, that not knowing, almost 2 atoms radioactive krypton-85. It, having got in a fabric of leather and fats, initiates oncological diseases.
       Myth of the second, that the modern atomic power stations of 3-it generation with reactors such as WWER-1000 are very reliable. A fact of common knowledge is that the basic danger available at operation of any nuclear reactor of the atomic power station is connected to quantity of the nuclear sharing materials loaded in its active zone. Loading of such materials many times over exceeds quantities of the nuclear materials necessary for creation of critical weight at which chain reaction of division of nucleus begins self-induced. It allows to arise under the developed certain circumstances of an opportunity of realization of nuclear explosion in any reactor. That is any reactor having a stock compensated to various systems of supercriticality, by the nature already is potentially dangerous. And today all working and projected reactors concern to such category of reactors. In 1980 the Russian (Soviet) academician Aleksandrov asserted, that RBMK (RBCC - Reactor of Big Capacity, Channel) the most safe reactor. Have constructed the atomic power station with these reactors and what? Chernobyl experiment on April, 26, 1986 in practice has shown "safety" of such reactor. And today, as in a vicious circle, the same history with reactor WWER-1000 begins.
       The myth the third, that cost of the developed electric power on the atomic power station is the lowest. In projects of the working and projected atomic power stations expenses for all cycle «the atomic power station - nuclear fuel» simply are not shown. That is, integrated cost of the manipulation with the fulfilled nuclear fuel outside the atomic power station, performance of reliable its isolation from an inhabitancy and eternal storage is not underlined. And in view of such manipulation with radioactive waste products, cost of the developed electric power on the atomic power station will considerably increase.
       Those are three basic myths of atomic engineering. These myths and still many others, less significant, do not maintain elementary scientific criticism. I want to add; those for today all working Russian (Soviet) atomic power stations do not satisfy to General Safety Rules (GSR) and are maintained in infringement to these requirements. I would not name existing Russian GSR too rigid. But they though in any measure take into account care of health of people, care of preservation of an environment. The modern atomic engineering is an invisible bony hand of the death, capable to ruin all mankind. And the mankind should reflect on the future.
       V.H. Really all so is bad?  Also there is no exit from the created position?
       P.S. Exit always is. As speak in people, from any desperate position there is an exit. First of all the atomic engineering and all its accompanying industrial branches from sphere of business should be deduced and put under the strict state control over an establishment of the most severe order in all power area in each state owning nuclear technologies. As the Chernobyl tragedy has shown a choice of the project and construction of the atomic power station it did not put only that state in which territory this atomic power station will be under construction. This business of all world community and it should be put under the strict international control. In the world more rigid uniform international safety rules of all objects of atomic engineering should be produced. For now the international moratorium on construction of all atomic power stations and in general any nuclear objects should be established.
       V.H. But in fact all this practically gives up as a bad job the further construction of all atomic power stations?
       P.S. World community should understand further to exist in this real world in conditions of growing deficiency of energy it is necessary to not clash among themselves, and to unite all efforts to the decision of already arisen world power problem.
       V.H. Pyotr thanks you for interview. And to you, dear readers, I thanks for attention to so important theme of this article. Up to new meetings in the Internet!
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