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Rambler's Top100
First steps in the business
(Belarus, Minsk) Competition
       Dear readers in previous article «How to me to begin the business?» (See the IBK, ¹23, March, 2008) I have warned you of hasty purchase and application of the various paid Internet manuals on adjustment of the business. On such manuals you never will adjust business, and money though and not big, but will lose. For authors of these doubtful manuals their spelling also is original business, and for you their application will be only one disappointment. It is necessary to remember always, that those, who have really adjusted the business, will not write a manual as them it to do and it is not necessary. Yes, and in it, in these manuals, in fact also you will not write all that is really necessary for adjustment of business. And those, who much have an awful lot to bear and could not adjust it, use, as speak, last chance that though in part to compensate the losses, write doubtful paid manuals. To not be unfounded, I shall result some examples frequently met in the Internet, if one may say so, such business. We allow, that it is necessary for you any good enough popular program and you, certainly, want it to get and, and, free-of-charge. Search of such program will result you on servers from which you are offered to load them. Here your misadventures can already begin. To you before loading of the program can suggest to fill in the table illegibly written beside in a picture in a code. And you can for a long time try to do it while, at last, will not make it correctly. Further you can simply not load the necessary program, and constantly load only a HTML-picture. If to you will carry, and you have loaded the program, most likely, it will be archived. Take it from archive to you the password which you certainly preliminary have not learned can to be demanded. But it are not all possible your misadventures. Having received, at last, the program you can simply not establish it. It or itself up to the end will not be established and demand the additional information, or the executive file of the program will be preliminary blocked. You, certainly, ask, what for all this is done. And that you longer were in the Internet, have spent more money and instead of have received nothing or have received that absolutely and is not necessary for you. Better, and more correct, would be to find a server of authors of the necessary program and to buy the license for use of this program. But also here some troubles can wait for you: you risk, having paid to money and to remain without the program. Such are the basic orientation and opportunities of modern business in the Internet. To deceive people any manuals is not necessary. All depends on the people engaged in this business, from their honesty and decency. And as activity in the Internet practically is not regulated by the legislation, it became the present expanse for revelry of swindle. Better I shall tell about how I with the big difficulties, but have managed all to adjust the business. Money that it to start, at me was not. And I to choose a concrete kind of activity practically was not from what. Almost all kinds of business demanded significant initial expenses. Therefore I have simply bought an inexpensive computer and began to be engaged in Web-design. In the various studios engaged in design of sites, I for work simply did not take, as I of nothing skillfully to do. Therefore I almost one and a half year independently was engaged itself. First has made a site to itself, and then began to do sites familiar which addressed to me with the request. After I have learned something of me have taken for work in one design - studio where I have worked some years, yet have not felt, that I can work further and is independent. For this time at me the circle of clients was generated. They liked my work. And I always took for work of less money, than other experts took. But in due course for performance enough large works I have felt, that I again do not have the certain knowledge. And I began to study again, began to study programming. But for this purpose obviously there was no time. And to not lose clients, I have created the studio and have invited to work of employees. Gradually my business has extended, and now person works for me more than ten. Many, having worked as couple of years, leave from me and open the business. But and should be - everyone aspires to independence. Just as I start. Further my plans are connected to creation good the Internet of programs and opening of the server. And all conversations, that in Web-design and in programming the woman cannot be the good expert, do not correspond to the validity. I do not want to praise myself, let about me and my employees speak those works which we have already executed. I do not name our works consciously how I know, that in the IBK self-advertisement is forbidden and my clause simply will not publish. But everyone who will become interested in details and subtleties of such business can write letters for me to edition of the IBK. I promise to answer all your questions. I shall answer frankly and without some embellishment. I shall be glad, if you, dear readers, support me the responses. Up to new meetings in the Internet! I wish you a sound health and successes in favorite work!

Colossus on clay legs
Constantine SAPRYKIN (Belarus, Minsk) Competition

       Arisen in the beginning of February of this year "gas" intensity in the Russian - Ukrainian relations once again has shown, that present Russia is not so that country what it was 10 years ago. After in 1998 Russia has declared itself the bankrupt, it has passed a long way. Now already it is impossible to communicate with it as at the end of the last century when the country drained by financial crisis said goodbye to the Soviet epoch. It again became a super state, the truth this time not nuclear, but power, and thanking not to the reasonable economic policy, and the huge stocks of oil and gas and the transcendental prices for them, and also because of sharp need of foreign countries for energy carriers.
             Having replaced at authority in 2000 the Eltsin’s team, the new Kremlin administration has put forward the thesis that natural resources should become by key to revival of Russia. Since this moment extraction and export of oil and gas have sharply increased. In process of escalating power in the Kremlin steel to make more and more arrogant plans on an establishment of leadership in world power. “It is convinced, our country, its fuel and energy complex are ready to accept such call”, - Russian president Vladimir Putin at meeting of Security Council in December, 2005 has declared. More that, he has especially emphasized: "Russia should become the initiator and the fashion-maker in power innovations". Since then has passed hardly more than two years. And if it for the present did not become "the fashion-maker in power innovations", but already precisely plays the first violin in "a power concert".
              Today Russia is the global supplier of power resources with the highest in the world stocks of natural gas and a level of an oil recovery. However all oil-and-gas stream goes basically in the western direction. To Europe acts about 80 % of gas and 60 % of oil extracted in Russia. On share of Asian-Pacific region it is necessary only 3 % of the Russian export of oil. It is caused by that practically all oil pipelines and gas mains are directed on the West. For this reason, for the lack of a necessary infrastructure for transportation of energy carriers the East, for Russia there was closed an oil-and-gas market of the Asian countries where is observed obvious deficiency of power resources for maintenance of high rates of economic development. Therefore in Moscow the decision on activization of a power policy on east direction was accepted.
               But who are these potential consumers of the Russian power resources? Most likely, the main Asian client China becomes. Now it is most fast-developing economy in the world. Besides, China plans already in second half of this century to become the leading economic state. But oil and gas is necessary for realization of such plan. And their China can receive from Russia. For the sake of it Peking is ready on all. And apparently, the Russian-Chinese power cooperation - business of the near future. “Power - absolutely key item of the Russian-Chinese interaction, because Russia - leading power state of the world, and China - the largest state on a planet with roughly developing economy”, - was declared in November of the last year by the first vice-premier of the Russian government Dmitry Medvedev. - “We hope to leave already for the nearest years on practical model of cooperation, and the Chinese comrades in this direction show the biggest interest ". This interest of Chinese is expressed, first of all, in readiness annually to buy, since 2010, on 20 billion cubic metres of gas with perspective Kovyktinsky deposits in Irkutsk area.
             But not only China "has put an eye" on the Russian energy carriers. On an extent it is already enough long time there is a diplomatic war Between Peking and Tokyo for access to large Siberian oil deposits. Japan, entirely depending on import of oil, actively lobbies in Moscow construction of an oil pipeline from Siberia on Pacific coast. And today the Chinese -Japanese rivalry has reached such intensity, that Tokyo is ready even to enclose in an oil pipeline Taishet (Eastern Siberia) - a bay Perevoznaja (coast of Pacific ocean) 7 billion dollars. Also Japanese are interested with an opportunity of export of the Sakhalin oil through port De-Castries located at coast of Tatar strait, and participation in a lining of the main pipeline from Angarsk up to the Nahodka.
              Besides China and Japan, as probable consumers of the Russian energy carriers, Moscow considers India and South Korea. These are the countries, not having sufficient power resources, aspire to provide it their continuous external deliveries. And power cooperation with Russia can become for them by very perspective.
               So, for development of the economy oil and gas are necessary for the European and Asian countries, and for Russia are necessary long-term friends and partners on geopolitical arena. Therefore in Moscow the political influence directly connect with the strategic control over stocks of energy carriers and ability of use of their export as the tool of foreign policy. Calculation is under construction that European and the fast-developing Asian countries shortly will strongly depend on import of oil and gas including from Russia due to what it can strengthen the role as global power state.
               And if attentively to analyze how Russia uses deliveries of power resources, becomes obvious, that it is done with the purpose of support of the allies and intimidation of contenders. And the more economy of Europe and Asia will depend on the Russian oil and gas, than they will be more vulnerable before the person not knowing pity to political opponents of the state, without hesitation using power resources in quality of "the geopolitical weapon".
               However the rate on energy carriers as on the main geopolitical trump can not work. At more steadfast sight at Russia it becomes clear, that its economic force and political weight on international scene are strongly exaggerated. Instead of restoring economy by means of deep technical and technological modernization of all of its branches, in the Kremlin revival of Russia (both economic and political) have connected exclusively with export of oil and gas. Now its well-being completely depends on the high prices for energy carriers and stocks of (let and huge, but all exhaustible) fuel resources. And in the future Russia hardly can get rid of the dependence on export of energy carriers. Certainly, it and further remain to one of the main power players. Moscow will use power resources not only for reception of the economic profit, but also for extraction of political dividends. But as soon as the prices for energy carriers will fall, or their growth even will stop, rates of economic development, no less than political weight of Russia in the world, will essentially decrease.
               To stake on that power dependence of present consumers of the Russian fuel resources will be and henceforth only to increase, is also short-sighted. Gas conflicts to partners across the CIS at all have not given confidence to the Russian clients in reliability of power deliveries from Russia. On the contrary, they have caused strong anxiety in importers, especially the European Community, and have raised the question about diversification of suppliers of fuel and energy resources.
               Yes, Russia while possesses enormous stocks of energy carriers. From time to time it even plays power muscles. However force of it is illusory. Modern Russia represents the athlete accepting a dope. But action of a dope always comes to an end. And after that the former force to not revive, as all reserves are already exhausted. And if Russia also will be farther to rely only on power resources, in the future when oil and gas will end, it to turn from a power super state in a weak part both world power, and world politics.
The family budget:
squandering and economy
Valentine KULIK (Belarus, Minsk) Competition
       At a meeting with the married girlfriends it is frequently come conversations on only household problems, in particular, about dearness and low salaries. Girlfriends always complain, that live from the salary up to the salary and money does not suffice to buy something from necessary things. All this certainly so it also is. But in our life, as speak in people to live - it is necessary to turn. And if so thoroughly to understand, too strongly to turn and it is not necessary. It is necessary to sit, count simply incomes and charges and then at once it will be visible where leave money and on what it is possible to save. In fact family is and an economic cell of a society. And in it correct distribution of financial resources and careful conducting the facilities is required. So, on what in our families without advantage is spent money? It, certainly, are alcoholic drinks. I do not speak already about families where drunkenness became the constant phenomenon. For them drunkenness became simple tragedy, is especial if there are small children. I speak about families where charges on alcoholic drinks became, though also insignificant, but already constant item of charges. It is necessary to reduce this item of charges and to accustom itself to a nonalcoholic feast. I frequently had to be on a visit in Protestant families. And as cheerfully and cultural at them pass celebratory feasts without any alcoholic drinks. And what beautiful weddings are carried out at a Protestant newly-married couple! It's a pleasure to look. Without alcoholic drinks it is necessary all ways to propagandize and support this practice of a feast on the state level and always to adhere to it in our families. Second harmful item of charges is smoking. Smoking becomes simple a scourge of a society. Heroes constantly look at us from screens of TV with cigarettes. They smoke and as though all kind calls us to smoke: look supposedly what we beautiful and succeeding, smoke … and you become same. Also smoke, both women, and teenagers. Near schools during changes to pass without a pain in heart became simply impossible: the groups of schoolboys which are looking back on the sides stand, and smoke cigarettes. To smoke at school age for many young men and girls became already prestigious. It is necessary to make so that in our society was prestigious to not smoke and to not take alcoholic drinks. Here again resolute actions of authorities in this direction to not do without. Except for these harmful item of charges in our families is and the compelled charges. These are charges on medicines which should be reduced in every possible way too. Illness somebody from members of family it is appreciable enough affects the budget of family. Therefore all of us should be interested in, that not be ill: constantly to watch over the health, in every possible way to strengthen it. And it should become our universal care and a duty. And the state should use the best efforts that we could carry out this duty successfully. It is briefly everything, as to the harmful and compelled charges. And on what it is possible for us to save? Usually all of us save on a meal. But on a meal to save it is impossible, and in general it is categorically contra-indicated for inhabitants of Belarus. After Chernobyl accident of 1986 all of us should eat rationally and every year to be improved. But there is an opportunity to replace a part of the products bought in shop, on more useful products which have been brought up on country and the personal plots. Such products will manage to us more cheaply as for their cultivation we put the personal work. But it is not necessary to do cultivation of products by end in itself. All should be in a measure and without an exhaustion of back-breaking toil. Work on country and personal plots should be productive leisure, and no more. On the ground it is possible to bring up garlic, onions, a potato, fennel and parsley without an expense of the big work. Certainly, cucumbers and tomatoes, beet and carrots demand already the greater to themselves of attention. But also they at regular leaving of them give excellent crops. To tell the truth, to bring up good tomatoes, it is necessary also a hothouse. But fine taste of mature red or yellow tomatoes - handsome men costs these additional expenses. I every year except for the listed products on to five hundred square metres raise still color and asparagus cabbage and an asparagus string bean. All this plus apples and pears, plums and cherries, the quince and a gooseberry, a red and black currant are excellent help in my family meal. Many products I freeze and it allows me to use them within all winter almost prior to the beginning of the following summer season. Work on country and a personal plot gives double advantage. During the process of work on fresh air the organism is well improved, in summary such work you receive non-polluting and useful products. So, dear friends, the common sense and a healthy way of life should be an integral part of each Belarusian family. And then to us low salaries and dearness in shops are not too terrible. Up to new meetings in the Internet, my dear!

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