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Our future - Christian Democracy
Virginia HMELJAUSKAJTE (Lithuania, Vilnius) Competition

       Dear readers of the IBK I bring to your attention continuation of my interview with known Belarus public and the politician, the expert in the field of atomic engineering, journalist Peter Silko. The beginning of it interview read in my clause article «Myths of atomic engineering» which is published in same number of the newspaper.
       V.H. Pyotr, you in recent times was active enough politician, has organized and for a long time supervised over political party the Belarus Christian Democrat union, some times stood the candidate of National Assembly. But then somehow has gradually departed active political activity. But, despite of it, you as I know, were earlier and today are the ardent supporter and the propagandist of Christian Democracy, as outlook. What you so have strongly involved in this outlook? In what is beneficial force of Christian Democracy?
       P.S. I do not know as in Lithuania, but here in Belarus all of us are a product of an atheistic society. All our system preschool, average and higher education were based on communistic ideology which was considered truly correct and scientific, and all other ideologies were considered bourgeois and pseudoscientific. Elements of religious education could be received only in the family. But as my father was the military man and naturally was a member of the CPSU and in the family of such education I could not receive. Therefore at school and youthful age I even did not have doubt in correctness of communistic ideology which dexterously manipulated such noble attractive concepts as equality, a brotherhood, validity and others. But already at that age I began to notice any expediency and correctness in the nature. And at me already then in a head the question and why it so is arranged, instead of differently constantly span? It forced me to think, search for answers. In due course I have come to belief, that we, people, and the nature surrounding us are created by the creator, the God. And when in the ninetieth years of the last century in Belarus there was a question on creation of political party of new type I was completely confident that such party should be a party of a Christian Democrat direction. Well, and when I have familiarized with programs of the CDU of Germany and the Christian Democrat party of Italy, and is especial with the book of Rafael Kaldera «Specificity of Christian Democracy» has understood that the best and more correct ideology, than Christian Democracy in the world does not exist yet. Force of Christian Democracy in its world outlook character, in consideration and a correct explanation of all mutual relations existing in our real world. And the most important that in its basis the true concept is necessary that the person is an image and similarity Divine.
       V.H. So why Christian Democracy and has not received the due distribution neither in the countries of the East Europe, nor in former post Soviet republics after disintegration of the USSR?
       P.S. All rests in inertance of human thinking, innocence of the population of these countries. In all countries of so-called socialist camp long years the communistic ideology based on aggressive atheism dominated. And the multinational Soviet empire was especially atheistic country. It was difficult for people to apprehend at once new and yet absolutely clear. Were necessary both time, and necessity of carrying out of agitation and educational work among the population. We, in Belarus, those years understood all this and consequently issued the newspaper Belaruskaja Krynitsa which was enough our country popular in the population.
       V.H. Well, and what occurs to the population of this country today, in fact has passed already enough time, which is necessary for understanding of everything that has already taken place?
       P.S. Unfortunately our people, it is a lot of having had heard plenty of fairy tales on the light communistic future, have ceased to think of the tomorrow's day and live only in the today's afternoon. And today shops while are full the goods so for the sake of what to fuss? People do not understand that for mistakes accomplished by them today their children will pay off tomorrow. And payment can be not only terrible, and even tragic.
       V.H. Pyotr, you have simply intrigued me. What, except for atomic engineering, there are still serious enough threats for our countries?
       P.S. The atomic engineering it only one part of all circuit, hanging on a neck not only our peoples, and all mankind and capable imperceptibly and gradually to stifle it. Today people came to some border of the opportunities in knowledge of the processes occurring in a number of areas of a microcosm. And in fact the atomic engineering uses the nuclear processes occurring in one such area. Except for atomic engineering potentially very dangerous to mankind there is a cloning and genetic engineering. People should make responsible fatal elections: that from scientific achievements in these areas it is possible to use practically to not do much harm to itself, and that it is impossible. And such decisions not the experts in these scientific directions should accept, and politics and statesmen, that is people responsible for the future of peoples. As known figures of the CPSU cared of Soviet people, we already know. We as newly appeared dictators care of people know. Therefore the authority should have heads, people the believers deeply understanding all responsibility before the God and people. And such people can be only politics with Christian Democrat outlook. So the life demands democratization of our society, and revival of Christian Democracy as component of the state ideology. The safe and safe future of Belarus is possible only at the statement in a society of Christian Democrat values.
       V.H. And whether is though any prospect in democratization of a society and in the statement of Christian values in Belarus?
       P.S. For today of any prospects it is not visible. The authority only declares a priority of Christian values. And actually indulge moral degradation of a society. Our heroes become people with a cigarette in a teeth, people with a glass in hands, people engaged in sex, people - murderers. And the so-called pseudo-opposition completely gets stuck in intrigues also is engaged only in hunting behind grants and other financial streams. Now to Belarus as never, it is necessary the present strong party of a Christian Democrat direction having trust and support of voters. And I am the optimist and also hope that such party in Belarus will be!
       V.H. Dear Pyotr, I thank you for interview. I wish to you of successes in your noble activity! And to you, dear readers, I wish happiness and health, well-being in your houses! Up to new meetings in the Internet on pages of the IBK!
       Lately I frequently had to recollect one known joke in which the usual vital situation hungry Brezhnev’s stagnant time is described. In one square on a bench late at night drunk the man slept. The militia patrol, passing by, has approached to him, has woken and has asked him, what he here does? Drunk has answered, that he here has a rest and has there and then asked the question: and you supposedly who such that me still to ask? Militiamen all over again were taken aback from such question, but they have then told, that, militia, here again are on a duty of service. Also have asked drunk, and he who such? I, being perplexed, have asked again drunk and a second later with undisguised pride have declared that he the butcher. - It is Good, the butcher, - militiamen have told and have again asked: - and what it you, the butcher, here do? - Drunk has answered: - I have told that I have a rest. Already late, transport is not present, and I have a rest on fresh air. - Militiamen at once have seen that with such person it is useful to get acquaintance also. A pier, always, during such hard time with meat will be provided. Also they have decided to get drunk home. They have brought him home; the door was opened by the wife. Militiamen have told to her that she has received the butcher in integrity and safeties. On what the wife has answered them that her husband is any not the butcher, and he is the simple engineer. It supposedly he when will drink much he has a megalomania. About this joke I always recollect, when I observe something similar in our real life. Judge for yourself, how to name such phenomenon: when one rather known Russian variety singer has founded and entrusts the nominal premiums? It is asked, for as for what? It is difficult to answer this question to the ignorant person. From explanatory of the singer at delivery of the premiums becomes clear, that she and herself plainly does not know, for what entrusts premiums. It turns out rather simply: that I want, I shall turn back. Or it is to take already our, so-called, oppositional leaders. It they are here, in Belarus, almost always such modest and imperceptible - meek and mild. And it is necessary to them to cross only frontier as they at once vary. Also what only they there, abroad, do not speak? Speak, as they poor here in Belarus are tormented, as they struggle with a terrible and artful mode. I am not against political strike within the framework of the legislation if it was so. But they in fact do not struggle at all. It is asked, for the sake of what they speak it? Apparently, is for the sake of what. One well-known pseudo-leader of nonexistent movement already even have awarded by the Saharov’s premium. He has not had time to receive it in a material kind as here behind the same premium already the whole turn was formed similar martyrs. I know from press that in Belarus even there are competitors of the Nobel Prize of the World. I do not present myself, what the person can personally make to be awarded such premium? It in fact should be something rather outstanding that has benefited not only the separate country and to all world. And again there is a same question. How logically to explain these phenomena when people make similar acts? Only that the megalomania is in own way disease. That it, this disease, can be not only harmless and immoral as in the resulted cases, and even very harmful, the act accomplished by the head of our country testifies. Soon after presidential elections he not somewhere in a narrow circle, and before representatives of mass-media, has declared, that results of elections have been corrected to please the European Community. That is in other words the president has publicly recognized that results of elections have been forged. In any civilized country such recognition would end with impeachment and resignation. In fact the president is the guarantor of execution of the constitution. And at us all this has passed practically without a knot and without a hitch. Even chairman of the Elective commission have not fired. So it is possible after that now to tell about all our electoral system if such phenomena are supposed? The only thing is possible to tell, that in Belarus the electoral system does not work, and is only sham at which end results of elections do not reflect true will of voters. It is possible to speak about what fair elections at such electoral system? The most interesting is that can be ill megalomania not only persons, and the whole states. Behind an example far to go it is not necessary - it is present it is available. We shall take even the Belarusian-American diplomatic conflict. It is not entered in any frameworks of common sense. Who today is the guarantor of independence of Belarus? I answer: the United States. And who the first has come to the aid of Belarus during the Belarusian -Russian gas conflict? Again they are the United States. If in detail to consider important enough directions of the international cooperation of Belarus from only pragmatic point of view cooperation with the USA on these directions is more favorable to us, than cooperation with any other country. Also what Belarus does to realize the opportunities? What, improves and strengthens the relations with the USA? No, contrary to logic it operates in the opposite direction: demands to reduce diplomatic representatives of the USA in Belarus up to a level of the representation in the USA. It is necessary to remember always, that the USA the mightiest in the world power with high enough level of development of Democracy. And it, this power, to the person to improve and strengthen the relations with the country in which there are no democratic freedom and in which human rights are roughly broken. Therefore a first step on a way to an establishment of friendly relations with the USA should be the step directed on democratization of the Belarusian society. And today the higher authority of Belarus needs to be disengaged from megalomania and to make this concrete step from which will win everything, both the Belarus society, and the international public.
Ivan Groznyj, Peter Velikij, Dmitry Hitryj
Peter ROMANOVSKY (Poland, Warsaw) Competition

       As you have guessed, dear readers of the Internet-newspaper Belaruskaja Krynitsa, in my new article conversation will go about some stages of a history of the Russian state. And why Russian, you certainly ask? Yes because in our modern world all is interconnected and interdependent. And from a policy spent by such state as Russia, position depends and a state of affairs not only in Poland, Belarus and Ukraine, and in all Europe, and all over the world. And in this plan I at all do not exaggerate. In a world history many examples when underestimation of a role of Russia, and devilish Soviet Union, resulted in sad consequences already have collected. So this statement is not new and for a long time already is conclusive true in a world policy. Then I expect your other question and here some stages of a history of Russia? Yes, the matter is that any state at each separate stage of the history solves the problems peculiar to this stage. As the state of it decides, is successful or unsuccessful, depends both on the device of the state, and from heads of this state. So Ivan IV, Groznyj (the Terrible) has made much for becoming the Russian statehood, strengthening of autocracy on an initial way of its development. Peter I, Velikij (the Great) not only collected and expanded Russia, but, being the reformer, has filled the Russian state with the progressive contents new the then, has put in pawn bases of development of Russia for many years forward. I shall not allow the characteristics to all basic stages of development of Russia. Probably, they would be also interesting to readers of the IBK, but not in it business. And I shall tell only that after presidential elections to Russia, this state has entered a new, very crucial stage of the development. From a policy, whom the president of Russia Medvedev is going to carry out (… the truth, it sounds still absolutely unusually?), the political climate in Europe depends also. I more than once spoke about a huge merit before a history of Russia of the first president Yeltsin who sharply changing a rate of the Russian ship on a new direction and has not allowed its turn on an old rate. The big merit before this history and the second president of Russia Putin, managed having patched all holes in the ship not only to stand afloat, but also to promote further forward. So who is such president Medvedev? Whether he will manage to execute the historical mission? More correctly to answer these questions, I in the beginning shall result Dmitry Medvedev's brief biography. Dmitry Anatoljevich Medvedev was born on September, 14, 1965 in Petersburg, former Leningrad. Father - Anatoly Afanasjevich Medvedev, the professor, has died in 2004. Mother - Julia Veniaminovna, the philologist, taught in institute, worked as the guide in a museum later. Dmitry was the unique child in family. In 1987 Dmitry Medvedev has ended a faculty of law of the St.-Petersburg state university, and in 1990 has ended postgraduate study of this faculty. The candidate of jurisprudence has protected the dissertation in 1990. In the spring of 1989 Dmitry Medvedev participated in Anatoly Sobchak's election campaign on elections on Congress of People's Deputies of the USSR. With 1990 for 1999 taught on a faculty of law of the St.-Petersburg state university. Since June 1990 till January, 1991 entered into group of assistants of Chairman Lensovet A.Sobchak. Since June 1991 till June, 1996 Medvedev was the legal expert of Committee on external connections of the mayoralty of Saint Petersburg. On this post he has passed training to an operating time in Sweden. On November, 9, 1999 Medvedev have been appointed by deputy head of Governmental body of the Russian Federation. On December, 31, 1999 Medvedev has been appointed by deputy head of Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, and later, on October, 30, 2003, has been appointed already by the head of this Administration. In 2000 Dmitry Medvedev headed V.Putin's pre-election staff. Since November, 14, 2005 and before election as President Dmitry Medvedev was the first vice-president of the Government of the Russian Federation. Medvedev is married since 1989. With future wife Svetlana he studied at one school. The wife has ended financial and economic institute now works in Moscow. Son is Ilia of 1996 of a birth. Such Dmitry Medvedev, the third president of Russia. What time from the new head of Russia, the captain of the Russian ship, in my opinion, demands? First of all it is necessary to be determined with the main strategic purpose to choose a correct rate, even for the first presidential term. Second, to put things in order by the ship: To be released from a unnecessary ballast and to get all necessary equipment for distant and uneasy navigation, to place a team so that everyone was engaged in the business and at a high professional level. Thirdly, constantly to care of updating a stock of food and water this should be useful and healthy. And, fourthly, constantly it is to support a spiritual condition of a team at the level corresponding to the put strategic purpose. These four marked tasks are not such simple as it seems at first sight. They demand from the captain of the Russian ship of high professionalism and flexibility in management of a team and in achievement of the main object in view. And when the overall objective will be successfully achieved, probably the team of the ship will add any word describing it to a name of the captain. I personally then would add a word mudryj (wise), but in a history this word for the crowned person is already used. And the word hitryj (skilful) while - is not present. And then all historical period of the Russian state could be named briefly from Ivan Groznyj to Peter Velikij and up to Dmitry Hitryj. Up to new meetings dear readers of the Internet-newspaper Belaruskaja Krynitsa!
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