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       In article «Belarus, you are my blue-eyed …» Mikola Maksimovich very briefly speak about events of Great Domestic war of 1941-45 and their importance for all mankind. About those sufferings and deprivations, which were sustained with our Belarus people during this war, it is told in article «Why children play war?» of Pavel Hodos.
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Belarus, you are my blue-eyed …

       Every year in June days when all surrounding nature already in full force proves in the multi-colored magnificence and beauty, all appears some melancholy in our joyful summer moods. This melancholy is connected to our history, with memoirs on Great Domestic war of 1941-45. About Belarus that time it is written much only. And practically, it is impossible to write about something the unknown person. Difficultly from positions of already present day, having only the information of the Soviet period of our history to allow estimations to events of those already far tragic days. And if to take into account, that such information basically is forged this difficulty becomes insuperable. But I shall try, in a measure of the understanding, to pay your attention dear readers of the Internet-newspaper Belaruskaja Krynitsa to enough important points of that period of our and world history.
       What has the most important taken place in the world per 1941-45? For us, inhabitants of Belarus and inhabitants of other republics of former Soviet Union, it there was, certainly, a Great Domestic war. It began on June, 22, 1941 and has ended on May, 8, 1945. Last put point in its ending parade of the Victory on June, 25, 1945 in Moscow on the Red area was. Many will object me, will tell, that it was war between two misanthropic modes Hitlerite Germany and Stalin Soviet Union. I with this statement completely agree. But each person has Native land, the native ground where he was born and where was born and his family, his relatives lives. And supreme Divine wills he should protect and protect it irrespective of what the state system of its country is. And in general, at each person the Native land is only one, irrespective of color of the national flag established above it. And it has always, during any historical times, blue color of the sky, dark blue color of the rivers and lakes, green color of woods. So for each Belarusian, as well as for other peoples of former Soviet Union, war of 1941-45 was Domestic. Only our Fatherland, Belarus, was not the independent state, and was under occupational Bolshevist mode established still at the end of 1918. All newest history of mankind till the twenty first century shows, that any people cannot receive true freedom from hands of other people. The statehood which does not express will of people is a mode irrespective of with whose help it is established. For freedom it is necessary to struggle and to not wait for a favour from someone. Because it can give a favour, and freedom is not present. It was fair as in 1918, when it has been formed BPR, and in 1941-45. It is fair and during today's time. In 1941-45 Belarusians have put millions the lives, completely destroyed cities and villages on an altar of a victory. Huge human losses have incurred also other nations of the world, for many of which 1941-45 were the main stage of the Second World War which began even earlier, on September, 1, 1939, and has ended only on September, 2, 1945. To understand scale of this world tragedy I shall result some figures. 62 states (80 % of the population of globe) participated in the Second World War. Military actions were conducted in territory of 40 states. In armed forces it has been mobilized 110 million people. The general human losses have reached 50-55 million people, from them are killed on fronts of 27 million people. Military charges and military losses have made 4 billion dollars. Material inputs have reached 60-70 % of the national income of the struggled states. Such payment as human losses and material inputs has been given nations of the world for freedom and independence. Whose it was a victory over this war? This question like has the obvious answer, but still is differently interpreted in many mass media. I shall not repeat their statement and substantiation, and I shall state only that opinion which as I think, to the greatest degree corresponds to the validity. It was the victory of all multinational people of former Soviet Union and all peoples of the countries of the civilized world. First of all, it was the victory of Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian peoples which have born and have gained the basic weight of military struggle and military deprivations. The Belarusian ground true burned under foots of invaders. Such scale of general mass resistance was not in one country of the world. In what there was a force of Belarusian people which thanking, it is possible to tell, to inhuman efforts have managed not only to survive, stand and sustain, and also to restore completely destroyed country? Force of Belarusian people always was in its spirit generated in the millennia by the Belarus national culture and tempered by long-term struggle for the existence. Force of the national spirit consecrated by the Divine good fortune, always supported each Belarusian in most heavy conditions of military hard times. And those tragic 1941-45 the Belarusian people has as though woken up from a communistic ideological dope which has quickly disappeared in the first year of war and as during old historical times has risen on protection of the native ground, the Fatherland.
       And today it is possible to tell with confidence that Belarusian people during all history constantly shows the solvency and fairly deserves to have the state independence. And consequently restored in 1991 at will Divine the state independence of Belarus it is necessary not only to cherish as the apple of eye, but also to strengthen by every possible way. For only within the framework of the statehood and at independence it is possible high-grade existence and development of the Belarusian nation. Preservation and strengthening of the state independence should be predominating in a policy of the Belarusian state irrespective of those political forces which are at authority. And the holiday on July, 3 quite deserves to be a holiday of city of Minsk, the city - hero, capital of the European independent Belarusian state. Also it is necessary on March, 25, Day of Independence of Belarus to make the state holiday.
       In summary dear readers of the IBK I address to you with the request: by every way protect independence of our Belarus, it is blue-eyed, for only in it there is a pledge of our future well-being! Up to new meetings in the Internet!
Why children play war?

       Early morning on June, 22, 1941 …. From the published memoirs of eyewitnesses of those events we know, that it differed nothing from other peace days. The country lived usual daily life. Small children slept in the bassinets. Pregnant women in the morning dreams already saw themselves in role of careful mums which with love look after the already born crumbs. Whether knew then the German soldier, drugged by fascist propagation, what, actually, he bears to people in that ill-starred morning, going on another’s ground? I think, that did not know and could not present myself at all. Apparently, Hitler was big mystic. Easily having won almost all Europe and having received practically capitulation of France on June, 22, 1940 as the agreement on an armistice, he has chosen on June, 22, 1941 in the afternoon of an attack to Soviet Union. But as speak in people twice in one river enter it is impossible. And twice to enter the river of a victory and glory on June, 22, Hitler not succeeded to make it. Soviet Union it is not Europe with the motorways, allowing to carry out blitzkriegs. And not only business is in it. Soviet Union has been occupied by multinational people, descendants of those who in due time much that "has seen": and Paris "has visited", and in Berlin too. And consequently game of Hitler-jugend «Hey, Ivan! You give up!» in this case obviously did not pass. But I want to write not how passed events on a political map of the world in 1941-45. And by the example of events of those military years and post-war time, I want to tell a little bit about that, how many sufferings and burning have brought these is far from being children's games to people. And, in particular, to same children who for some reason at all times play war. Game of girls in dolls is clear to me - they are going to become mother. Game of boys in war during age-old times is clear to me - they were going to protect the ground. But it is now, what for to bring up children on violence? But it, certainly, separate and important enough question. Therefore I return to about what I wanted to tell. I many times on various actions talked to older persons which were born and lived those military and post-war years. And almost all from them told to me about the heavy childhood. Told, how to the first year of war went on the un gathered potato fields in the winter and around craters from bombs and shells searched and collected the frozen slightly potato. At that time is everything was nothing, therefore fur-trees that it was possible to eat. It was sorrel, cabbage and many other things. It was thrown out nothing, even potato clearing went in I peep. It is possible to tell, that children of that time did not have childhood. To begin adults to them it was necessary very much early. These children have gone through death native and close, famine, a cold and fear. Children were uneducated as they had to throw school and to go to work, somehow to live. As all men were at the front, they together with women worked at a factory. Because of shortage of a labor, children started to work since twelve years, and even earlier. One my familiar already in twelve years worked behind a lathe. To him under foots substituted a box that he could get up to handles of the machine tool. Heavy physical work and infinite sufferings undoubtedly undermined mentality of children of that time. Small defenceless they had to struggle not only for the life, but also for a life of the sisters and brothers. Children are more senior tried to put on foots younger, to be in charge of housekeeping, while their mother extracted bread. In school, constantly to go it was not possible, but children were torn there with huge pleasure. Teachers were a little, and conditions were very severe. Papers were not, and children wrote a pencil between lines of newspapers. Famine also has played a huge role in education at children of their own qualities. It learned their generosity and validity. Children did not aspire to take all best to themselves. When something came him way from meal, they did not hide, and always carried it home and divided into all family. Such deprivations taught children to be fair and truthful. Many of readers of the IBK, certainly, will tell that all this is known and clear and there is nothing to stir the past supposedly. And I want to tell, that we should know and remember the history, and the most important to draw correct conclusions from all event in it. And the today's validity shows that though we know all this and we remember, but correct conclusions and have not made. And the conclusion speaks that in the heaviest military years our people have not lost the human image, and have kept similarity Divine in the souls and hearts. And now, when vital conditions it is much better, than those years for some reason we began to forget those basic Christian values due to which our mothers and the fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers have survived and have provided an our life.
       Also it is not necessary to children to play war in any country. And that will be grown again by such callous soldiers similar to a volume to the German soldier which in early morning on June, 22, 1941 has stepped into our native ground. Up to new meetings in the Internet dear readers of the Internet-newspaper Belaruskaja Krynitsa!
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